Why Does Your Baby Prefer the TV Remote? 🤔📺

We've got the answers! Here are a few reasons behind this common behavior:

👀 Copying and Learning: Babies love copying adults, and watching you use the remote sparks their curiosity to do the same.

💡 Sounds and Lights: Remotes make cool sounds and have flashy lights, creating an exciting sensory experience for babies.

Feels Nice to Touch: The smooth buttons and different textures of remotes provide babies with a satisfying touch that keeps them engaged.

👪 Love Your Attention: Babies quickly learn that grabbing a remote grabs your attention. They enjoy your reactions, making remotes more appealing than toys.

🔁 Things Stay Put: Remotes are familiar objects that stay consistent, helping babies understand things don't disappear.

While it can be frustrating, remember that this behavior is part of their natural curiosity and development. 

Redirect their focus to toys with similar experiences to keep them engaged and happy!

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