All About Bibs



New parents will realize that with every meal, your little one is getting better and better at eating. You will also realize that not all of the food on your little eater’s plate is going to make it into their mouth, especially if you have a self-feeder.

Although mess is inevitable, bibs go a long way to keep your little one’s cute outfits relatively clean, thus your laundry load much less.

Bibs come in a variety of styles and designs. Now, the big question is which bib is the best?
Age and activity will determine which are the best bib for your baby. However, in general, when selecting a bib we recommend bibs which are:

1. Easily-washable:
Bibs are supposed to take the hit instead of your baby’s clothes, which means they are meant to be soiled. So, choose bibs that are easy to clean. Bibs that are washable in a machine or even in a dishwasher help ease laundry work.

2. Comfortable to wear
Bibs are available in different materials. If the material does not suit your child, they may not like wearing it. Ensure that the bib you buy is soft, light, and easily wearable over clothes, so your baby does not feel irritated.

3. Snug fit
Proper fitting of the bib also matters to a large extent. Ill-fitting bibs or big, loose bibs can make babies uncomfortable around their neck. Hence, ensure you use a proper fitting bib for your baby.

4. Attractive design
Check out collection of baby bibs, and you will see the variety in bib designs and shapes. You can buy one that will attract your baby, so they can be more than happy to wear it.

Do newborns need bibs?

Generally, we recommend newborns to wear them as some babies do spit up during breastfeeding and feeding in general. This will also save you from having to wash the baby’s clothes after every feed. We also recommend that the fastener is the velcro as it is easier to affix and remove for new-borns as their neck muscles haven’t developed yet.

How long will you need bibs for?
Generally, most babies use them from newborn to two years however every baby is different.

How many bibs do I need for a baby?
Well this depends. Is your little one a heavy drooler? Has he started teething? Start with a few basic velcro ones and add more as you see the need.

So what should I consider before purchasing a bib?
It is easy to be overwhelmed byt the many different types of bibs that are available. From velcro to snap buttons, bandana to one with a teether, small to large. There is a bib for every style and occasion in the market.

At Mother’s Choice, we ensure that all our bibs meet the following criterias:

1. They are waterproof. If you’re looking to cut down on laundry, you’ll want a material that doesn’t soak up a ton of liquid. Our bibs are layered too so liquid doesn’t seep through to baby’s outfit.

2. They are comfortable. Bibs are going to rub against your little one’s sensitive skin, so soft material is key.

3. Adjustable neckband: Babies grow so, so fast, and you’ll want bibs that last more than just a couple of months, so ones they are older, look for ones that have adjustable closures such as 2 buttons and and can fit a range of neck sizes that will last at least a couple of years.

4. Firm closures: As your little one gets bigger (and stronger), they’ll get better at gripping their bib and yanking it off mid-meal. Bibs with firmer closures like snaps, are easy for you but harder for older babies and toddlers. However, we also have velcro closures which are suitable for younger ones and quick to put on and take off too.

5. Bandana: Mostly a style choice, bandana bibs are trendy and cute, but also pretty handy for teething. This is our favourite bib. Some bandana bibs also come equipped with a teether for little chubby hands to grab and soothe their achy gums. Check Mother's Choice teething bibs. 

6. Coverage: If your little one is extra messy, or if their outfit is extra special, keep food and liquids off more than just their chest with an extra-large bib. Most of our bibs are large and fulfils this requirement.

7. Design: Yes bibs have a purpose but they also need to complement your little fashionista’s outfit. Check out our selection of bibs for the latest designs.

We have it all. Whether you are looking for velcro bibs for your newborn, basic daily bibs, fashionable bandana bibs, bibs with teether, bibs and socks set and the list goes on. 

We hope that this has been useful for you to determine which will be suitable for you and your baby. Please make sure that any babies wearing bibs or neck attire be supervised the whole time. We wish you the best for your pregnancy and the exciting times of being a parent.