Finding the Right One-Piece

The baby one-piece is the umbrella term for the most common type of infant clothing for babies, generally under a year. As the name suggests, the one-piece includes any article of baby clothing consisting of a top and bottom combined into one.

This includes bodysuits (or onesies), rompers, footed baby-growers, baby-growers, sleepsuits, and gowns.

One-piece baby clothing is the go to favorite for parents because separates tend to slide up or fall down. Another added advantage is that one-piece holds diapers in place.


The classic baby bodysuit is a complete outfit. It is a must have for your baby’s wardrobe. It is a good idea to have varying sizes on hand so you can adjust as your baby grows. You definitely need several on hand as your little one can go through as many as four or five clean ones in a day.

 When designing our bodysuit, we have ensured convenience and comfort. We keep our snap buttons in the crotch to the minimum 3 to make them more manageable. Also, we have omitted shoulder buttons and replaced them with envelope shoulders. What’s envelope shoulders, you wonder? Those are the cute flaps on the shoulders. They allow you to pull down the bodysuit easily over baby’s head. Also after a major diaper leak, they let you pull the bodysuit down over bod’s torso and legs instead of over the head for a sanitary change.

 Our bodysuits let you dress baby in 3 easy steps:

  1. slide in over head
  2. snap 3 buttons
  3. big kiss for baby




Baby rompers are cute and practical. They are like a one-piece top and shorts. The come in many styles, with ruffles, hoods, short sleeves or sleeveless. The feature that makes this one-piece a romper is that the baby legs are covered by shorts.

 They are more favored by parents for older babies who have started crawling/ moving. Well, yes, bodysuits are cute but they are normally used when babies are still inside wraps/ blankets. Also, many parents pair bodysuits with leggings or shorts.

Therefore rompers are the all in one-piece without additional need for bottoms.

 Furthermore, Rompers don’t have to fit as perfectly as traditional onesies. With a onesie, if the size is too big, the diaper can become exposed. But with a romper, you can buy one, or even two sizes too big and get more use out of it.

 Our rompers also come with snap buttons along the inner seam of the legs which allows easy diaper changes.


Babygrowers/ Baby Sleepers

Babygrowers are one-pieces with pants. There are many styles of babygrowers including footies, footed babygrowers, sleepsuits and coveralls.

 More often than not, baby sleepers have long sleeves and cover baby’s feet. They can be worn to bed to keep baby fully covered, as well as at home during tummy time or on outings. They are also quite popular for babies who have started crawling as they keep babies knees covered.

Some baby-growers come footed, meaning they include covers for the feet, while some are just till the ankles. The advantage of the footed baby-growers is that there is no fuss with socks or baby grabbing and pulling their socks off. This is a good idea when babies are going at home or in bed, but not when they are practicing walking as their footies will get dirty. We recommend the ankle baby-growers with socks or shoes in that case.

Our baby-growers have top to bottom fastenings, making outfit changes a breeze. The buttons along the leg seams allow quick diaper changes too.


Baby Gowns

 Apart from pyjamas or baby-growers, there is also baby gowns. They are like wearable sacks with a garter on the bottom. They allow babies to move freely when they are asleep. This is not an essential addition to baby’s wardrobe but some parents do prefere the convenience of this one-piece as they are just a slide in outfit without any buttons.

Well, parents, hope the above list provides an insight in helping you complete baby’s wardrobe. Remember, we at Mother’s Choice have designed all our outfits with comfort and convenience so you will be satisfied with whichever outfit you choose.