Face Cloths, 3 Pieces Set - White

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Mother's Choice soft hand cotton face cloths are perfect to wipe away milk, drool and leftover baby food stuck in the folds of baby's squishy necks.


They  are great for the diaper bag, quick mess clean up while traveling and post meal clean up. It is the right size for bathing the baby, with one terry side for thorough cleaning or if you need to exfoliate any dry skin and one softer side that is more gentle. They are perfect to use in place of a tissue or wipe to clean away the stray spit up or drool.

These face cloths also protect baby's outfit. Keep them clean and away from messy, looks extra adorable for the day. 

A wonderful gift for a new birth or babies. 


  • Generously sized at 24 cm x 24 cm
  • 3 reusable wash cloths
  • Perfect for 0 - 4 years. One size fits most
  • Eextra coziness, thick hand feel
  • Easy dry, soft and comfortable
  • Imported
  • Machine washable

 Size : 24 x 24cm

Material: 100% cotton 300 g/sqm.