The new mom and dad will love using this soft plush blanket for holding their baby and keeping them warm. This microfiber feel in a blanket with a minky texture is the perfect couture blanket for a new baby. Babies can use these up to their toddler years and beyond. Security blankets provide kids with instant comfort, reduces anxiety, and helps them fall asleep faster,


The travel pillow holds baby's and toddler's head during long car rides or plane trips, making their comfort primary. It is soft, plushy and in small size suitable for babies and toddlers. 



  • 100% Polyester
  • Reversible travel u-shaped pillow is size small.
  • Silky Soft reversible blanket
  • Pillow is soft low pile material
  • Machine washable to keep your little one clean and healthy.
  • Blanket size is 75x100 cm - the right size for swaddling, play mats, strollers and car seat rides - makes a great versatile all around blanket.


Material: 100% Polyester Micro Mink with Sherpa Backing


Baby Blanket and Travel Pillow

SKU: IT11539