Light Swaddle Cotton Blanket / Wrap

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INFANCIE baby garment are designed with a minimalist approach with beautiful color palettes in daily wearable print patterns. Our fabrics are made from carefully selected premium cotton that is delicately processed creating a super soft cotton. We only use the highest quality interlock. Interlock is the softest and most durable knit weave that helps promote cozier, healthier sleep. Outfitting a baby has never been so magical, perfect for play time, down time, and anytime.

Each of INFANCIE product belongs to a collection so it’s easy to mix and match pieces from different outfits. Each collection is created with the latest design trends to keep your baby looking cute while staying comfy.

This 75 cm by 100 cm swaddle blanket is suitable for babies and toddlers during the summer months. It is light and can be used for a variety of purposes - swaddling, moses basket, bassinet, pushchair or cot covers. Made out of 100% cotton, it is soft to touch and doesn't rub harshly against the baby's delicate skin.


  • Soft 100% cotton
  • Generously sized 75 x 100 cm
  • Perfect for 0 - 2 years.
  • One size fits most
  • Makes a perfect summer blanket
  • Machine washable
  • Imported

Material: 100% cotton